Planning a medically-themed event? Want entertainment that's all about health care,  yet will also get your dance floor rockin'?  Gary Cozine and the Scrub Tops put on a show that is a blend of medical humor and awesome dance music. They'll get your audience laughing and then get them dancing--even the guy who never dances.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and founder of the Laryngospasms, Gary Cozine has been crafting medically-themed parodies for over twenty years. With three albums, a music video that has over ten million hits on YouTube and performances across the country to his credit, Gary can make your medically themed event truly memorable with parodies like, "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" , "Taking Care's Our Business", "The Glove Shack" and "Restart My Heart".

When you're ready to dance, the Scrub Tops take over the dance floor with classic hits and the best of today's music. Susanne, Sarah and Molly will keep your dance floor packed. 

So if you are organizing a conference, a hospital gala or fundraiser, a medical sales meeting, or any medically-themed event that would benefit from a combination of humor and great music, consider Gary and the Scrub Tops. They deliver an unforgettable evening of  comedy and upbeat music that will have your audience giving you rave reviews..

Check out the videos of Gary and The Scrub Tops and see why they are the perfect choice to inject a dose of fun into your event.

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Gary and The Scrub Tops! Here's a ninety second glimpse of what Gary Cozine and The Scrub Tops can add to your event. For lots more, check out the other pages on this website.

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Two Video Projects Underway 

Gary has two new video projects underway. The first will be a two or three minute synopsis of the most recent Gary and The Scrub Tops performance. This should be posted in a week or so. The second project is a new music video, "Splish, Splash, She Was Having A Flash". Casting is underway. Crew is being assembled. Shooting should be finished by early May, with the final video published by June. 

FIBUSPAM Gala a big success 

Gary and The Scrub Tops recently performed at the 2015 Fundacion Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel, FIBUSPAM, held March 7 in Hartford, CT. It was a very successful evening. Recently appointed Executive Director, Sarah Marjane, wrote after the gala: 

"I simply can't say enough about Gary and the Scrub Tops. His act was both fun and witty. A true entertainer, he kept the crowd dancing and set the stage for an enjoyable evening. I was so impressed by his ability to tailor his songs to our organization, he even created and original cover song for our work. I highly recommend Gary and his crew to entertain at any fundraising or special event. They are so much fun? Thanks, Gary!"

FIBUSPAM is near and dear to Gary's heart. With the mission of providing healthcare services to needy families in Ecuador, FIBUSPAM has touched the lives of thousands. Gary has travelled twice to Ecuador, providing anesthesia on surgical trips, and has seen first hand the good work being done by this organization. 


Gary and The Scrub Tops have an agent.... 

Susan Guzzetta, well known and regarded booking agent, is now representing Gary and The Scrub Tops. Susan will be handling all of Gary's and the band's future bookings. She is known throughout the speaking industry for her enthusiasm and professionalism, and she represents some of the biggest names in the business. This is a big step for the band. Check out Susan's website at