Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, founder of the Laryngospasms, Gary Cozine has been crafting medically themed parodies for over twenty years. With three albums, four music videos, one of which has over ten million hits on YouTube, and performances across the country to his credit, Gary can help make your medically themed event truly memorable.  

If you are organizing a nursing or medical conference, Gary can have your audience dancing in the aisles. When was the last time your keynote speaker managed that? If you are planning a hospital gala or fundraiser, Gary will deliver an unforgettable evening of  comedy and upbeat music that will invigorate your audience.

Poke around the website, check out the music and videos, and see why Gary is the perfect choice to add some fun to your event.

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Ten Million Hits! 

Waking Up Is Hard To Do has over ten million hits on YouTube! Wow. Thanks to everyone who has ever watched the video, passed it along to friends, liked it on FaceBook. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Phone Calls In The Night 

If you have ever taken call, then you know what it feels like to finally make it to your bed, finally stretch out... and then the phone rings. That's the topic I'm exploring this month, "Phone Calls In The Night". With a nod to Frank Sinatra...

I'm on call tonight -- anticipating
Phone calls in the night -- so agravating
There'll be three or four, before the night is through
Once there was night -- I still remember
Without a single call -- back in December
Since that fateful night, I've never slept past two


Visit the Music page to listen and download the song.

Nursing For A Living 

My latest parody is based on Huey Lewis' "Working For A Living", but because I'm a RN, my version is "Nursing For A Living".

Work days last forever, and days off fly on my
I've always been in nursing, and sometimes I wonder why
They're asking for a double, and to work the holiday
Good thing that I like the work, 'cuz it's sure not for the pay

Nursing for a living, nursin'
Nursing for a living, nursin'
Nursing for a living, living and a nursing
I'm taking what they're giving, 'cuz I'm nursing for a living

The entire song is playable on the website music player you'll find at the bottom of every page. And on the Music page, you can download this, and any other Laryngospasm or Gary Cozine song, for free.

Another Case You Want To Do

Out latest video will resonate with anyone who has ever worked in an operating room. It's well into the night, you've already done a boatload of cases and you just want to get done and go home. And then the surgeon tells you he's found another one...

Doctor, doctor, say it's not true
You've gotta, 'nother case you wanna do
Already worked halfway through the night
You've gotta, 'nother case you wanna do

A special thank you to the four young ladies who performed in this video: Kim Tiedemann, RN, Ketery Whalen, RN, Jennifer Longobardi, CST, Brittney Slain, CST. It just wouldn't have been much of a performance without your efforts. Thank you!