Gary and The Scrub Tops! Here's a ninety second glimpse of what Gary Cozine and The Scrub Tops can add to your event. For lots more, check out the other pages on this website.
Planning a medically-themed event? Would you like entertainment that's all about health care,  yet will also get your dance floor rockin'?  Gary Cozine and the Scrub Tops put on a show that is a blend of medical humor and awesome dance music. They'll get your audience laughing and then get them dancing--even the guy who never dances.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and founder of the Laryngospasms, Gary Cozine has been crafting medically-themed parodies for over twenty years. With three albums, a music video that has over ten million hits on YouTube and performances across the country to his credit, Gary can make your medically themed event truly memorable with parodies like, "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" , "Taking Care's Our Business", "The Glove Shack" and "Restart My Heart".

When you're ready to dance, the Scrub Tops take over the dance floor with classic hits and the best of today's music. Susanne, Sarah and Molly will keep your dance floor packed. 

So if you are organizing a conference, a hospital gala or fundraiser, a medical sales meeting, or any medically-themed event that would benefit from a combination of humor and great music, consider Gary and the Scrub Tops. They deliver an unforgettable evening of  comedy and upbeat music that will have your audience giving you rave reviews..

Check out the videos of Gary and The Scrub Tops and see why they are the perfect choice to inject a dose of fun into your event.

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First Gig a big success! 

On May 2nd, 2014, Gary and The Scrub Tops had their inaugural performance for the Fundacion Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel, a Hartford, CT based medical charity that serves the children of Ecuador. A fundraiser/gala, the event was a huge success. Paul Martel wrote to us after the event:

Dear Gary,

Gary Cozine and The Scrub Tops helped make our recent fund raising gala a complete success. They provided an evening with outstanding music, humor, and lots of dancing. They were professional, fun and positive to work with and provided an affirming message for our health care organization. We look forward to working with Gary next year and would highly recommend him and his group to anyone.

Paul Martel, Founder
Providing health and hope to needy children and families in Ecuado

There's lots of video and photos on the website from the gala, so look around and see why Gary and The Scrub Tops would be perfect for your next event.

Heading to the sound stage. 

In early June, Gary and the Scrub Tops are heading to EKO Studios, located in Long Island, NY, to tape video and audio. We can tell you how great our show is, but the proof is in the tape. By the middle of June, along with footage of our inaugural show, we'll have a representative sample of what a performance looks and sounds like. 

We'll be taping a couple of the 'Spasm's greatest hits (we almost have to do a bit of our new version of "Waking Up"), but mostly this will be our new songs, as we want to showcase the band and the ladies.

So keep your eye out for the video as we post it, and we'll send out a newsletter once it is all up and running. 

Gary plus the Chiclettes plus the Coda Band equals the Scrub Tops…. 

Announcing my new collaboration with the Chiclettes and the Coda Band! I've teamed up with one of New York's best dance bands to create an entirely new show for medical audiences. Still includes some of the same parodies I wrote with the Laryngospasms, but has many new songs, and now with an awesome backing band. And the ladies open all sorts of new possibilities for parody. We've got songs by Pink, Aretha Franklin and the B52s, with many more parodies featuring female vocals to come.

But if you're hosting a gala, at some point you want to move on to the dance music. Our new show blends seamlessly into a great dance set that will pack the dance floor with an exciting mix of classic tunes everyone will recognize and the best of today's new music.

Very soon I'll be posting video of our inaugural show, a fundraiser for the Fundacion Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel, a medical charity based out of Hartford, CT. Then you'll be able to see for yourself, and I think you'll agree that Gary and the Scrub Tops are the perfect entertainment choice for conferences, meetings, galas, fundraisers, opening and closing sessions for conferences -- any audience that would appreciate medical humor and love to dance. And that's just about everybody!